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About Us

This is the Strut mindset; We believe in the power and strength of people as individuals who bring their unique talents and experiences to the team. All of our team members embody a kind, communicative, and creative culture.

Just as each part of a building supports the structure, our team members support our mission. Individuals are the life of our products, and each of us seeks to provide relevant and inspiring product solutions.

Our process

How hard is to make a brand? This is how we get things done!

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We Create Progressively Build Powerfully Evolve Aggressively


Realizing identity is instrumental in understanding our uniqueness. Strut distinguishes itself through a proven model of product selection, aggressive procurement, and targeted marketing strategies. We use this model as the foundation for our custom analytic tools as we create a hybrid retail and technological worldwide presence. We celebrate our uniqueness as we understand our strength and individuality.

We create innovations that are distinctive and contribute to a larger whole. We find success in any progress and learning we accumulate along the way. We believe in trying, failing, learning, breaking, building, and powering to be more than what we are today.

We are

Brand Promise

Our lives are woven together through the daily products we use. Strut respects the symbiotic nature of this relationship by perpetually raising our standards to improve the daily life of our customers through a superior product experience.


Push our own limits and resources to create value for ourselves.


Effective and tactical seasoned entrepreneurs with experience and potential.


Dedicated, Strut-minded team to efficiently execute on a variety of versatile projects.


The vision to leverage growth potential in hidden opportunities and propositions.